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Wayne Burner Transformer | Allanson Igniter | FranceFormer

For nearly a century, Wayne Combustion Systems has produced top quality oil burners for use on pressure washers, asphalt trucks, commercial and residential oil burners, and waste oil heaters. The transformers and electronic igniters used on Wayne burner systems are supplied by Allanson and FranceFormer, and are available in 120 volt, 230 volt and 12 volt (12 VDC). A highly reliable pressure washer transformer!

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8.700-807.0 Wayne 12 Volt DC Electronic Oil Igniter 31812-003 replaces Beckett 5049 Igniter 12 VDC Wayne Ignitor

Rear Mount
Wayne 31812-003
Replaces Beckett 5049

Our Price: $206.00
8.700-820.0 Wayne 12 Volt DC Electronic Oil Ignitor 31813-003 for Wayne E Series Burners 12 VDC Wayne Ignitor

Side Mount
Wayne 31813-003

Our Price: $233.00
8.700-802.0 Wayne 120 Volt Electronic Igniter 101295-SERE 120V Wayne Ignitor

Side Mount
Wayne 101295-SERE

Our Price: $122.50
8.700-803.0 Wayne 120 Volt Electronic Oil Igniter 101295-SERM Replaces Wayne 31812-001 and 101121-001 120V Wayne Ignitor

Bottom Mount
Wayne 101295-SERM

Our Price: $129.00
8.700-804.0 Wayne 120 Volt Burner Transformer 23101-E Side Mount Replaces Wayne 20358 120V Wayne Transformer

Side Mount
Wayne 23101-E

Our Price: $129.00
8.700-805.0 Wayne 23101-FH Burner Transformer 120 Volt Side Mount 120V Wayne Transformer

Side Mount
Wayne 23101-FH

Our Price: $179.00
8.700-806.0 Wayne 120 Volt Burner Transformer 23101M, 120V Side Mount Electronic Oil Igniter for Wayne MSR Burners 120V Wayne Transformer

Bottom Mount
Wayne 23101-M

Our Price: $136.50
8.700-810.0 Wayne 120 Volt Electronic Oil Igniter Transformer 23101-M Replaces Wayne 21665 Side Hinge Mount 120V Wayne Transformer

Side Mount
Wayne 23101-M

Our Price: $153.00
8.700-800.0 Wayne 230 Volt Electronic Oil Igniter 31813-002 Side Mount Hinge 230V Wayne Ignitor

Side Mount
Wayne 31813-002
Allanson 2280-620S

Our Price: $185.50
8.700-801.0 Wayne 31812-002 Electronic Oil Igniter 230 Volt Bottom Hinge 230V Wayne Ignitor

Bottom Mount
Wayne 31812-002

Our Price: $188.50
8.700-798.0 Wayne Transformer 23103-M, 230 Volt for Wayne MSR Oil Burner Systems 230V Wayne Transformer

Bottom Mount
Wayne 23103-M

Our Price: $146.00
8.700-809.0 Wayne 230 Volt Burner Transformer 23103-E Replaces 21153 Side Mount Hinge 230V Wayne Transformer

Side Mount
Wayne 23103-E

Our Price: $142.00