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Rotary Cam Switch | On Off Switch | Pump and Burner Control

Rotary Cam Switches are used on pressure washers such as Alkota, Aaladin, Landa and Mi-t-m for pump and burner control. These heavy duty switches are available in either single phase or three phase power and either a 2-position or 3-position configuration. A two position design offers control to turn the pressure washer pump on and off; a three position design allows for control of the pump on and off as well as for burner control.

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8.712-219.0 Salzer S220-1686 Rotary Cam Switch for pressure washer pump and burner control, 110 volt, 20 amp 110V Rotary Cam Switch

110 Volt, 20 Amp
Salzer S220-1686

Our Price: $66.50
8.712-227.0 Salzer S225-1686 Rotary Cam Switch, 110 volt, 30 amp, for pressure washer pump and burner control 110V Rotary Cam Switch

110 Volt, 30 Amp
Salzer S225-1686

Our Price: $98.00
8.712-224.0 Salzer S220-1687 Three Position Rotary Cam Control Switch, 220v, 20A 220V Rotary Cam Switch

220 Volt/1PH, 20 Amp
Salzer S220-1687

Our Price: $79.00
8.712-225.0 Salzer S220-1688 Rotary Cam Switch, 220v, 3 phase, 20 Amp 220V Rotary Cam Switch

220 Volt/3PH, 20 Amp
Salzer S220-1688

Our Price: $103.00
8.712-228.0 Rotary Cam Switch, 220v, 1 phase, 30 amps, for pump and burner control on hot water pressure washers as Landa, Alkota and Aaladin 220V Rotary Cam Switch

220 Volt/1PH, 30 Amp
Salzer S225-1687

Our Price: $103.00

8.712-229.0 Pressure Washer Control Rotary Cam Switch, 3 Position, 220 volt, 3 Phase, 30 Amps, Salzer S225-1688 220V Rotary Cam Switch

220 Volt/3PH, 30 Amp
Salzer S225-1688

Our Price: $176.00
8.712-234.0 Salzer S432-4095 Three Position Rotary Cam Switch, 40 Amps, 240 Volt, for hot water pressure washer pump and burner on off control 220V Rotary Cam Switch

220 Volt/1PH, 40 Amp
Salzer S432-4095

Our Price: $253.00
8.712-235.0 Salzer S432-1402 Heavy Duty Rotary Cam Switch, 480 volts, 3PH, 40 amps for pump and burner control on hot water pressure washers 480V Rotary Cam Switch

480 Volt/3PH, 40 Amp
Salzer S432-1402

Our Price: $274.00
8.700-258.0 Replacement Knob for Rotary Cam Switches used on Aaladin, Alkota, Delco and North Star Pressure Washers Cam Switch Replacement Knob

For Salzer
S220 / S225

Our Price: $17.60