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Truck Wash Brush | Pressure Washer Rotating Brush | Fiberglass Handle

Whether you need a soft-bristle truck wash brush for gentle cleaning of vehicles with fine finishes like your truck, trailer or car, or a tough, aggressive deck brush that’s perfect for warehouses and shop floors, and especially hard to reach spots, we’ve got ‘em. Our deck brushes are ten inches wide, which makes them easy to fit into a five gallon bucket. An industrial scrub brush with a polypropylene foam block, it holds up well to harsh chemicals, doesn’t absorb liquid, won’t warp and has long-life durability.

Our gentle-bristled truck brushes come in three widths: 10-, 18- and 24-inch, and will also fit on most threaded handles. Or choose our rotating pressure washer brush that connects easily to most lances and wands.