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Hot water pressure washer manufacturers, such as Hotsy, Landa and Karcher install safety features on their power washers, to ensure the safety of the operator, as well as to protect the equipment. One of those safety features is the rupture disk. A rupture disk is installed at the outlet of the coil to prevent dangerous thermal expansion of water in the coil. Should a situation arise in which there is an excessive pressure build up within the coil, due to a malfunction of a pressure washer component, this rupture disk bursts, allowing a relief path for the high temperature water, porting it to the floor instead of at the operator. Our rupture disks are available in either 7000 PSI or 8500 PSI and cannot be reset after use, but would require replacement.

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9.802-192.0 Pressure Washer Rupture Disk Safety Relief Valve, 7000 PSI Rupture Disk Assembly
7000 PSI

3/8" MPT Inlet

Our Price: $53.50

8.707-381.0 Pressure Washer Rupture Disk Relief Valve, 8500 PSI prevents thermal expansion within power washer coil Rupture Disk Assembly
8500 PSI

3/8" MPT Inlet

Our Price: $65.50