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Pressure Washer Rotating Nozzle | Giant Turbo Nozzle | Rotomax Nozzle

Making the correct choice in spray tips and nozzles for use with your pressure washing equipment can make a big difference in the speed and effectiveness of getting any particular job done and we've got some great ideas for improving your power washing results. Rotating nozzles can literally cut cleaning time in half when compared to standard pressure washer tips. A Rotomax Nozzle, for example, which employs a zero-degree spray pattern, uses a spinning force within the nozzle to produce increased agitation, and is a favorite pressure washing accessory of painting contractors as it quickly removes spider webs and paint chips on houses prior to painting.

Other recommended options include the Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle pressure washer attachment from Giant Industries. This whirly bird nozzle automatically spin up to 3000 revolutions per minute, turning a normally very narrow zero degree spray pattern into a 4-8" circle, stripping dirt from the surface as it rotates. The Giant Turbo Nozzle also produces a jack-hammer effect; a pulsation in the water to literally pound the dirt off the surface. This will make short work of practically any cleaning job and is ideal for stripping paint and rust, and removing graffiti from concrete, brick and other flat surfaces quickly!

To enhance and extend the life of any rotating pressure washer nozzle, we highly recommend installation of one of our Nozzle Filters, to remove small particles of debris and contaminants sometimes found in water sources, that can cause premature wear to the internal nozzle components.