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Safety Relief Valve | Pop Off Valve | Pump Protector

Pressure washers utilize a variety of safety mechanisms to protect the equipment and the operator during use. Our Safety Relief Valves, commonly referred to as Pop-Off Valves, are installed at the high pressure pump outlet, to provide an extra security measure in case of an unloader failure. If an unloader fails to shift into bypass mode when a trigger gun is released, it can cause detrimental damage to the pump. Our safety relief valves are a second line of defense against pump damage. Installs easily on most pressure washers. Available in either 1/4" MPT or 3/8" MPT Inlet, with 3/4" FPT Outlet. Can be reset after repairs have been completed.

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Pressure Washer Safety Relief Pop Off Valve 1200 PSI 8.722-192.0 Safety Relief Valve
1200 PSI

1/4" MPT
Silver Spring

Our Price: $24.80
Pressure Washer Pump Safety Relief Valve 2400 PSI Pop-Off Valve 8.722-193.0 Safety Relief Valve
2400 PSI

1/4" MPT
Red Spring

Our Price: $24.80
Safety Relief Valve 3600 Max PSI 8.722-190.0 Safety Relief Valve
3600 PSI

3/8" MPT
Orange Spring

Our Price: $27.90
9.802-191.0 Safety Relief Valve prevents pressure overloads in pressure washer pumps, 3600 PSI Safety Relief Valve
5000 PSI

3/8" MPT
Blue Spring

Our Price: $22.70