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Pressure Washer Single Lance Wands | Power Washer Dual Lance Wand | Specialty Pressure Washer Wands

When it comes to pressure washer wands and pressure washer wand parts we've got quite a selection to offer, including singles, duals, flex wands, insulated, un-insulated, telescoping and more. Pressure washer wand extensions and fiberglass telescoping units give as much as 24' of additional reach, perfect for cleaning gutters and eaves. A flex pressure washer lance, available in red or black, comes in several lengths and flexes up to 180°, which is great for getting under vehicles and in hard to reach places. You have a choice of 18", 21" and 24" lengths.

Try a Hotsy cold water dual lance wand in either the 35" or 48" size when employing downstream injection of chemicals or detergents. They come complete with a side handle control and are designed expressly for use with Hotsy equipment.