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Pressure Washer Hose Reel | Hotsy Hose Reel | Cox Retractable Reel

At Columbia Basin Hotsy and Buy Hotsy Parts .com, we carry a full complement of power washer hose reels including Hotsy Reels, Cox Hose Reels and spring-driven, retractable hose reels as well as the mounting brackets and supports needed for installation. Our pressure washer hose reel selection includes fixed-based models and 360-degree pivoting models that can be used on cold water equipment or hot water pressure washers. Hotsy fix-based reels are available for accepting 100’ or 200’ of 3/8” high pressure hose and are rated at 5000 PSI and temperatures of 325 Degrees F. These are heavy-duty, steel-fabricated reels with built-in braking and locking mechanisms.

Our Cox Reel assortment includes 50’ and 100’ 3/8-inch hose reels, available in wall-mount, floor-mount and mobile mount, as well as a 200’ 1/2-inch hose reel. These 3000- and 4000-PSI reels are rated for temperatures up to 225 Degrees F. Hose reel mounting brackets are available.