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Flow Switch | Pressure Washer Burner Control

With the production of high pressure hot water, most pressure washer manufacturers install some safety features and switches on their power washers, to protect both the equipment and the person using the equipment. One of these safety features is the flow switch. When water flow (GPM) is sensed by the flow switch, it allows the burner to come on, heating the water. This water flow is typically activated by pulling the trigger on the gun. When the trigger is released, the water flow stops, deactivating the flow switch, and turning the burner off. If a burner fails to ignite, or fails to turn off, it could be the result of a faulty flow switch.

Flow switches are interchangeable with pressure switches. They are both used for burner control, however a flow switch is activated when water flow is sensed through the system; a pressure switch is activated when high pressure is sensed. Manufacturers such as Landa typically use a flow switch on their machines, while Hotsy and Hydrotek typically use a pressure switch. As they are interchangeable, there are instances that one would prefer a flow switch over a pressure switch, and vice versa. Should you have questions as to your particular application, feel free to give us a call to discuss!

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Legacy MV60 flow Switch 8.933-006.0 Legacy MV60 Flow Switch

Horizontal or Vertical Mount

Our Price: $76.50
9.803-266.0 Legacy MV60 Flow Switch Reed Switch Replacement Legacy MV60 Reed Switch

Repairs Legacy MV60

Our Price: $40.30
8.712-243.0 Suttner ST-5 Flow Switch Suttner ST-5 Flow Switch

Vertical Mount Only

Our Price: $64.50
8.704-122.0 Suttner ST-5 Reed Switch Suttner ST-5 Reed Switch

Repairs Suttner ST-5

Our Price: $52.00
Suttner ST-6 Flow Switch 8.712-245.0 Suttner ST-6 Flow Switch

Horizontal or Vertical Mount

Our Price: $69.00
8.704-121.0 Suttner ST-6 Reed Switch Suttner ST-6 Reed Switch

Repairs Suttner ST-6

Our Price: $37.20