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Pressure Washer Flat Surface Cleaner | Sidewalk, Driveway, Parking Lot Cleaner | Water Broom

Cleaning sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and large shop or warehouse floors with a standard quick connect nozzle will leave uneven marks and zebra-striped lines but our Flat Surface Cleaners leave nothing but clean and are as easy to use a lawn mower. Simply connect to your pressure washer hose, pull the trigger and watch the surface cleaner virtually mow dirt away! A high pressure rotating nozzle spray bar below the scrubber concentrates the spray to the surface being cleaned, reducing cleaning time and labor costs. Our surface cleaners can be used on sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, pool decks, loading docks, warehouses, shop floors, storage facilities to remove dirt, grease, moss, algae and more!

For quick removal of construction dust, leaves, sand or other debris from driveways or warehouse floors our water brooms use water mass to move debris instead of broom bristles. Attaches to any 1/4 inch pressure washer wand. Ideal for food processing facilities!

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8.710-076.0 Ground Force Flat Surface Cleaner with rotating nozzle spray bar, 24 inch cleaning path Ground Force
Flat Surface Cleaner

24 Inch Base

Our Price: $2,140.00
P8.753-573.0 Hotsy A+ 24" Rotary Flat Surface Cleaner Hotsy A+ 24"
Flat Surface Cleaner

24 Inch Base

Our Price: $1,105.00
8.710-074.0 Hotsy Big Guy Rotary Surface Cleaner quickly cleans shop floors, warehouses and driveways, 28 inch diameter Hotsy Big Guy
Flat Surface Cleaner

28 Inch Base

Our Price: $2,045.00
8.903-608.0 Hotsy Cylone Flat Surface Cleaner Hotsy Cyclone
Flat Surface Cleaner

20 Inch Base

Our Price: $1,450.00
8.749-303.0 Legacy Undercarriage Cleaner Legacy Undercarriage Cleaner

Includes 4 Nozzles

Our Price: $1,285.00
8.710-089.0 Maxima 36" Rotary Flat Surface Cleaner for large concrete surfaces in school yards, retail shopping malls and warehouses Maxima
Flat Surface Cleaner

36 Inch Base

Our Price: $2,140.00
8.710-072.0 Whisper Wash 19" Ultra Clean Flat Surface Cleaner for patios, decks and driveways Ultra Clean
Flat Surface Cleane r

19 Inch Base

Our Price: $1,295.00
Pressure Washer Water Broom Assembly 8.701-486.0 Water Broom 12 Inch w/36" Wand

Includes 36" wand
and 3 nozzles

Our Price: $155.00
8.710-082.0 Water broom 16 Inch concrete sweeper Water Broom 16 Inch

Sweeps away dirt and debris!

Our Price: $71.50