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Pressure Washer Transformer | Electronic Oil Igniter | Beckett | Wayne

Diesel-fired, hot water pressure washers utilize an igniter, or transformer to ignite the atomized diesel fuel produced by the burner nozzle, creating a continuous flame to heat the pressurized water within the coil. These igniters typically produce a 10,000 to 14,000 volt spark which can be affected by bad electrical connections or low voltage.

At Shop Pressure Washer Parts, we offer the highest quality burner igniters and transformers produced by the leaders in the industry; Wayne and Beckett. Nearly all brands of hot water pressure washer manufacturers use either Beckett or Wayne burner systems, and many of the igniters are interchangeable, to be used across the brands. Our igniters are available in side mount, back mount and rear mount, in 110 volt, 220 volt and 12 volt models.

For Hotsy, Landa, Hydrotek, Delco, Mi-T-M, Alkota, Aaladin, North Star
and other hot water pressure washers!