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For industries such as food processing and car wash bays, pressure washers are sometimes left running when not in use; sometimes merely because the environment is so loud, the running pressure washer is often forgotten. Leaving a pressure washer in bypass mode for extended periods can be detrimental to the pump and other components, as it is recommended to only leave in bypass mode for up to three minutes. In bypass mode, the water in the pump head heats up, damaging pump seals, valves and ceramic piston sleeves. Installation of a dump gun or a weep gun can eliminate this damage. When the trigger on a dump gun is released, the pressure is reduced, but water continues to flow around the exterior tube, eliminating the heat build up in the pump head. A weep gun works in a similar fashion, except that a smaller amount of water continues to flow through the nozzle.

Quick and easy to install, these dump guns and weep guns can save your pressure washer from damage!

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8.710-405.0 AP Flow Through Dump Gun prevents freezing and high temperatures in pump head Dump Gun 16"

3000 PSI, 10.5 GPM

Our Price: $129.00
8.710-406.0 Pressure Washer Dump Gun 40 Inch Lance Dump Gun 40"

3000 PSI, 10.5 GPM

Our Price: $145.00
8.710-385.0 Suttner ST-1500 Weep Trigger Gun protects pressure washer pump from high temperature damage and freezing Weep Gun

Suttner ST-1500
4000 PSI, 12 GPM

Our Price: $51.00