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Pressure Washer Fuel Pump | Suntec Pump | Beckett Pump | Diesel Supply Pump

Here at Columbia Basin Hotsy, we carry a full line of burner repair parts for most brands of hot water pressure washers, including fuel pumps and fuel nozzles, electrodes, igniters, thermostats, relief valves and more. Our pressure washer fuel pumps come in both standard (Suntec Fuel Pumps) and pumps with solenoids (Beckett Fuel Pump units). The Suntec pumps come in a choice of either right-hand or left-hand rotation, with options for 2.5-, 3.0- or 7.0-GPH (Gallons Per Hour). Most are designed to operate at either 1725 RPM or 3450 RPM, although Suntec Model #J3BC-200 does both.

Our Beckett Fuel Pumps are all 3.0 GPH, 3450 RPM units and are available in three different solenoid-operated models: a 110 volt fuel pump, a 220 volt fuel pump and a 12 volt fuel pump.

Pressure Washer burner repair parts available on our site include fuel pumps, fuel nozzles, electrodes, thermostats, igniters and transformers, burner fan blower wheels (squirrel cages), pressure relief valves...everything you'll need to repair your hot water pressure washer!

We carry a broad selection of Suntec and Beckett fuel pumps for use with most major brands of hot water pressure washers. Standard pumps or fuel pumps with solenoids are available. Don't know which part number you need? Call us - we have owner's manuals and parts breakdowns for most hot water pressure washer models!