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Pressure Washer Fuel Filters | Fuel Water Separator | Diesel Oil Filter

Maintaining an unobstructed pressure washer diesel fuel filter is important to ensure your power washer burner system continues to operate efficiently. The clear bowl fuel filter found on this page is commonly installed on Hotsy brand pressure washers and may be also used on a variety of other brands of power washers. It's fitted with a 3/8" FPT inlet/outlet.

An acrylic, see-through bowl offers the advantage in seeing when contaminants have built up on the mesh screen. For complete fuel filter replacement select the can-type General Fuel filter offered here, which uses a wool-felt element for screening out fuel contaminants. This wool element can easily be replaced when it becomes dirty. Most fuel filters offered are of a universal design, easily installed on pressure washers manufactured by Hotsy, Landa, Shark, Alkota, Aaladin, Hydrotek, Mi-t-m, Delco and so many more!

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8.717-711.0 Diesel Oil Fuel Filter Replacement Screen for 8.709-153.0, 120 Mesh Fuel Filter Screen

Use with 8.709-153.0 Filter

Our Price: $12.90

9.802-212.0 Universal Fuel Water Separator Diesel Filter, uses Racor R12T Filter Element Fuel Filter Water Separator

Uses Racor R12T Element

Our Price: $80.00
8.709-950.0 General 1A-30 Replacement Wool Felt Filter Element for General 1A-25A Fuel Filter General Fuel Filter
Replacement Element

Use with
General 1A-25A Fuel Filter

Our Price: $4.40
8.709-160.0 Pressure Washer General Diesel Oil Fuel Filter, Can Type, 1/4 FPT, 1A-25A General Fuel Filter 1A-25A

1/4" FPT Inlet and Outlet

Our Price: $46.50
8.757-652.0 Hotsy Fuel Filter 1/4" FPT Hotsy Clear Bowl Fuel Filter 1/4" FPT

1/4 " FPT Inlet and Outlet

Our Price: $16.70
8.709-153.0 Diesel Oil Fuel Filter for Hotsy Hot Water Pressure Washers, Clear Bowl and Aluminum Housing Hotsy Clear Bowl Fuel Filter 3/8" FPT

3/8 " FPT Inlet and Outlet

Our Price: $21.70

8.749-770.0 Hotsy Fuel Filter Replacement Element Hotsy Fuel Filter ELEMENT

Use with Hotsy Filter 8.749-771.0

Our Price: $34.50

8.749-771.0 Hotsy Fuel Water Separator Universal Diesel Filter Hotsy Fuel Filter Water Separator

Universal Design

Our Price: $98.00
8.709-942.0 Inline Metal Disposable Fuel Gas Filter, 1/4 MPT Inline Disposable Filter

1/4"M Inlet and Outlet

Our Price: $5.85
8.709-943.0 Inline Plastic Disposable Gasoline Fuel Filter, 3/8 MPT Inline Disposable Filter

3/8"M Inlet and Outlet

Our Price: $5.50
9.802-211.0 Inline Plastic Disposable Fuel Filter 1/4 M Inline Disposable Filter

1/4"M Inlet and Outet

Our Price: $6.80
8.709-953.0 Racor R12T Diesel Fuel Filter Element for Parker Universal Fuel Filter Water Separator 9.802-212.0 Racor R12T Filter Element

Use with 9.802-212.0 Filter

Our Price: $29.40