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Delavan Burner Nozzle | Fuel Nozzle | Diesel Oil Nozzle

Hot water pressure washers require the use of several pressure washer parts to create a flame that continuously heats the high pressure water, including the burner switch, pressure switch, thermostat, fuel pump, fuel solenoid, electrodes, and the burner fuel nozzle. These burner nozzles spray diesel oil into the pressure washer burn chamber, which is ignited by a spark from the electrodes. We offer both Type A Hollow Cone, and Type B Solid Cone diesel oil fuel nozzles, in a selection of spray patterns and GPH (gallons per hour).

Delavan Diesel Oil Burner Fuel Nozzles are available in array of sizes, for maximum burner efficiency. 60 Degree to 90 Degree spray patterns, available in "A" (hollow cone) or "B" (solid cone) design. Select the appropriate size recommended by your pressure washer manufacturer, or contact us if you need assistance.

Not certain of which Burner Nozzle is required for your hot water pressure washer? Give us a call! We're happy to assist you!