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Vacuum Switch | Pressure Washer Burner Repair

Some manufacturers, such as Aaladin utilizes a vacuum switch to control the burner functions on a variety of their pressure washers. An inexpensive solution for pressure washer burner control, this Normally Open switch closes when the pump vacuum begins drawing water, allowing the burner to ignite, and opens when the vacuum is broken due to pump shutdown or an empty water tank, resulting in a shutdown of the burner system.

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8.712-391.0 Pressure Washer Vacuum Switch 1.5" HG Vacuum Switch

1.5" HG

Our Price: $33.60
8.712-392.0 Pressure Washer 2.5" HG Vacuum Switch Vacuum Switch

2.5" HG

Our Price: $33.60
8.712-393.0 Pressure Washer 4.5 HG Vacuum Switch Vacuum Switch

4.5" HG

Our Price: $33.60