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Pressure Washer Burner Electrode Insulator | Beckett | Wayne | Hotsy

Most brands of hot water pressure washers including Hotsy, Landa, Alkota and Aaladin, use Beckett oil burners due to their high quality and superior performance. Inside these Beckett burner systems are a variety of parts; fuel pumps, fuel solenoid valves, burner blower wheels, electronic igniters, all working together to ignite the diesel fuel and create hot water for optimum cleaning. The job of the electrodes is to provide a spark that ignites the diesel fuel, creating a flame that heats the water. With use, the tips of the electrodes can wear and the ceramics can become cracked, causing a poor spark which creates inefficiencies in the burner system. When this occurs, it's time to install replacement electrodes, making certain to correctly adjust the electrode gap.

At Buy Hotsy Parts, we also offer Hotsy electrodes, for the newer style Hotsy Crossfire burner systems, as well as Wayne Electrodes for Wayne diesel oil burners.

Purchasing replacement electrodes for your pressure washer can be a bit confusing! If you're unsure of which electrode set you require, just GIVE US A CALL! We're here to help!

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8.701-061.0 Beckett 5781 Electrode Insulator Assembly Beckett Electrodes

Beckett 5781

Our Price: $30.00
8.717-949.0 Beckett Electrode Insulator 51383 for Beckett Diesel Burners Beckett Electrodes

Beckett 51383

Our Price: $17.60
8.717-950.0 Beckett Electrode Insulator Assembly Beckett Part 51391 Beckett Electrodes

Beckett 51391

Our Price: $26.30
8.717-975.0 Beckett Electrode Insulator Assembly 578710 for Beckett ADC Oil Burners Beckett Electrodes

Beckett 578710

Our Price: $15.50
8.717-978.0 Beckett Electrode Insulator Assembly Set 578728 for Beckett ADC Burners, Includes Pair of Beckett 173054 Electrodes Beckett Electrodes

Beckett 578728

Our Price: $17.00
9.802-668.0 Beckett Electrode Insulator Assembly 5780 for Beckett AFG, SM and SF Oil Burners Beckett Electrodes

Beckett 5780

Our Price: $21.20
9.802-669.0 Beckett Electrode Insulator 578711 for repair of Beckett Oil Burners Beckett Electrodes

Beckett 578711

Our Price: $17.00
9.802-670.0 Beckett Electrode Insulator 578727 for Beckett Oil Burners Beckett Electrodes

Beckett 578727

Our Price: $17.60
8.750-778.0 Hotsy Crossfire Burner AC Electrode Insulator Assembly for Hotsy and KNA Burner Systems Hotsy Electrodes

Hotsy AC Crossfire Burners

Our Price: $11.10

8.751-342.0 Hotsy Crossfire Burner DC Electrode Insulator Assembly for Hotsy and KNA Burner Systems Hotsy Electrodes

Hotsy DC Crossfire Burners

Our Price: $11.40
8.700-770.0 Wayne Electrode Insulator 13286 with G Shape Bussbars Wayne Electrodes

Wayne 13286

Our Price: $37.20
8.717-773.0 Wayne Electrode Insulator 23302-001 for Wayne MSR Burners Wayne Electrodes

Wayne 23302-001

Our Price: $119.00

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