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Looking for a great deal on pressure washer parts? Look no further! Every month, Buy Hotsy Parts offers discount pricing on select items of pressure washer repair parts and pressure washing accessories. Take a look at this month's sale items below and check back often to see what's on sale!

Take advantage of great savings on pressure washing accessories designed to help you get those cleaning jobs completed fast!

Now through August 31st, our Giant Turbo Nozzles are on sale for only $297! These turbo nozzles are ideal for use while cleaning farm equipment and construction equipment! Rotating water at a high RPM, these Giant Turbo Nozzles virtually strip dirt and debris from the surface!

Our Telescoping Wands are available in three sizes; 6 - 12 Ft., 6 - 18 Ft, or 8 - 24 Ft, all of which make cleaning up high quick and easy! Pressure washing at apartment complexes, shopping malls, large commercial buildings, and even for around the home, cleaning eaves and more! All three sizes on sale now through August 31st.

Our Hotsy 35" Dual Lance Wand is one of our most popular pressure washer replacement wands! Rated for use up to 3000 PSI, a simple turn of the side handle allows a pressure drop that gets detergents flowing quick and easy! And it's on sale this month only for $68!!!

Check back at the beginning of each month to see new sale items!

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Hotsy 35 Inch Dual Lance Wand 8.711-315.0 35" Hotsy Dual Lance

3000 PSI, 220 Deg F

Our Price: $76.50
Sale Price: $68.00
8.710-589.0 General Pump DLTG12 Fiberglass Telescoping Extension Wand 6 to 12 Ft 6 - 12 Ft Fiberglass Telescoping Wand

Cleans Windows
without Ladders

Our Price: $194.00
Sale Price: $175.00
8.710-590.0 General Pump Fiberglass Telescoping Extension Wand 6 - 18 F 6 - 18 Ft Fiberglass Telescoping Wand

Safely Reaches
Eaves and Windows

Our Price: $269.00
Sale Price: $240.00
8.710-591.0 General Pump Fiberglass Telescoping Extension Wand 8-24 Ft 8 - 24 Ft Fiberglass Telescoping Wand

Reduces Falls
and Injury

Our Price: $336.00
Sale Price: $300.00
8.712-426.0 Giant Pump 22060A Turbo Nozzle for pressure washing and power cleaning, 5100 Max PSI, Size 4.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-4.0

Dirty Equipment?
No Problem!

Our Price: $320.00
Sale Price: $297.00
8.711-064.0 Giant turbo laser pressure washer rotating nozzle size 4.5, 22060A-4.5 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-4.5

Cleans Farm Machinery Fast!

Our Price: $331.00
Sale Price: $297.00
8.712-428.0 Giant Turbo Laser Rotating Pressure Washer Nozzle 22060A-5.0, 5100 PSI, Size 5.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-5.0

Cleans Concrete with Ease!

Our Price: $305.00
Sale Price: $297.00
8.712-430.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-5.5 removes dirt, grease and grime quickly and easily with a high RPM rotation that peels dirt from the surface, size 5.5 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-5.5

Removes Mold and Mildew
from Sidewalks Quickly!

Our Price: $331.00
Sale Price: $297.00
8.712-431.0 Giant Turbo Laser Rotating Nozzle 22060A-6.0 for pressure washing hard to clean surfaces as sidewalks, heavy equipment and more, size 6.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-6.0

Removes Graffiti from Concrete!

Our Price: $325.00
Sale Price: $297.00
8.712-432.0 Rotating Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-7.0 for pressure cleaning up to 70 percent faster than standard pressure washer spray tip nozzles, size 7.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-7.0

Cleans Greasy Trash Bins Fast!

Our Price: $315.00
Sale Price: $297.00
8.712-433.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-8.0 for pressure washing hard to clean surfaces such as concrete, restaurant vent hoods and railroad cars, size 8.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-8.0

Removes Baked on Grease!

Our Price: $305.00
Sale Price: $297.00
8.712-434.0 Rotating Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-12.0 for power washing hard to clean areas, size 12.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzles 22060A-12.0

Removes Gum from Sidewalks!

Our Price: $331.00
Sale Price: $297.00