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Pit Boss Sludge Sucker | Wash Bay Pit Cleaner | Slurry Pump | ST-36

Transferring water, mud, sludge and even sewage is quick and easy with our Pit Boss Sludge Sucker. Simply attach to your pressure washer wand and pull the trigger. The zero degree spray creates a venturi that draws up to 44 gallons per minute (2500 gallons per hour) of liquid waste and slurry solutions through the 15 ft discharge hose to a transfer tank. Debris as large as 3/4 inch will can be carried through the discharge hose. Eliminates the need for expensive transfer pumps or hiring for routine removal of waste or wash bay pit cleaning.

This sludge pump vacuums up liquid slurries at a ratio of about 1:11 (For Example: Using a 4 GPM pressure washer will produce an output of 44 GPM) Excellent for use in food clean up or chemical spills!

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Pit Boss Sludge Sucker Waste Removal Tool, Suttner ST-36 Pit Boss Sludge Sucker

Up to 44 GPM!

Our Price: $201.00