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Pressure Washer Control Box | Electrical Box | Junction Box

Electric pressure washers and oftentimes gas-engine driven pressure washers utilize an electrical control box to house electrical components and offer protection against water, etc. These pressure washer control boxes house the pump on / off switch, the burner switch, thermostat, reset switches, fuses, and the wire connections for the GFCI electrical cord. Hotsy control boxes are typically located on the front of the Hotsy pressure washer. Each of these electric junction boxes are specific to the model of pressure washer, as the holes in the control box front will need to be sized correctly for the components and switches being used. Please consult your Hotsy Operator's Manual to determine the correct electrical box for your pressure washer, or contact us at (888) 844-6879 for assistance.

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9.802-480. Hotsy Electrical Control Box Back Control Box Back

For all Hotsy
portable pressure washers

Our Price: $15.00
8.716-282.0 Hotsy Electrical Control Junction Box Front Control Box Front

For Hotsy 555ss,
560ss, 680ss, 790ss,
795ss, 895ss

Our Price: $11.90
8.719-947.0.0 Hotsy Electrical Control Box Front Control Box Front

For Hotsy 871ss,
965ss, 1065ss, 1065sse,
1075sse, 1200 Series,
965B, 1075BE, 1080BE

Our Price: $19.10
8.905-690.0 Hotsy Electrical Control Box Front Control Box Front

For Hotsy 558,
771, 772

Our Price: $50.00
9.802-587.0 Hotsy Fiber Sleeving Wire Insulation 1/2" Fiber Sleeving Wire Insulation, 1/2"

1/2" Diameter

Our Price: $3.85