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Hotsy Heater Coil | Hot Water Pressure Washer Coil Insulation

Hot water pressure washer coils are known as the heart of the pressure washer, as it is where the pressurized water is heated before flowing through the nozzle. Each Hotsy coil is designed specifically for the machines it is used on, properly sized for the the amount of water flow as well as the amount of BTU's in the chamber. Hotsy vertical coils are a more efficient design than the lay-down or horizontal coils often used in competitive brands. You'll find Hotsy heater coils for all models of Hotsy pressure washers on our site.

At Buy Hotsy Parts, we also offer a complete selection of all Hotsy pressure washer coil insulation, as well as miscellaneous coil repair parts including top hats or burner lids, insulation retainer rings, coil straps, and outer coil wraps. Any part required to repair your Hotsy pressure washer can be purchased online or by contacting us directly at 1-888-844-6879.