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For safe pressure washer operation, every hot water washer requires either an adjustable thermostat or a hi limit switch to cycle the burner on and off, preventing excessive temperatures, which could allow overheating and flashing to steam, resulting in damage to the equipment, or injury to the power washer operator. Adjustable thermostats allow the pressure washer user to control the temperature of the water, whereas a hi limit switch controls the water temperature by turning the burner off when it reaches a set temperature, then allowing the burner to turn back on after the temperature has cooled 50 to 70 degrees. A less expensive means of temperature control, the hi limit switch is commonly used on Delco, Aaladin and North Star pressure washers.

Available at Buy Hotsy Parts are two hi limit switches with either a 225 degree F or 330 degree F setting. Both hi-limit switches have a 42 inch wire lead, and a 1/2 inch MPT probe.

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8.712-185.0 Hi Limit Switch for Pressure Washer Burner Control, Turns off burner at 225 Degrees F High Limit Switch

225 Deg Max Temp

Our Price: $47.00
8.712-205.0 High Limit Switch for Pressure Washer Burner Control 340 Degrees F High Limit Switch

340 Deg Max Temp

Our Price: $50.00